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iMed Features


Biometric Access with security lock out features prevents individuals from accessing medication thus limiting the possibility of known or unknown medication diversion


Acuity software allows Prescribers to dictate and manage dosing remotely if desired


in the case of Medication theft use of Cellular and GPS allows for the iMed MD to located via triangulation.

Real Time

Cellular data can be updated to the Acuity web based platform allowing prescribers to be aware of the their patients medication adherence at any moment


Small in size but big on capacity the iMed MD is easy to be transported by patients on the go while allowing for up to 90 doses of two different medications

iMed MD is developing technology to improve control, prevent diversion, and improve clinical outcomes of prescription medications by empowering prescribers to restrict access to medications and to collect accurate prescription adherence data.

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How iMed Works

The Physician prescribes the Medication

They log into Acuity, a web-based platform, and create a new patient ID. They also specify prescription details, like dosage and prescription type

To complete the patient ID, they record the patient's thumb print

The patient then takes the physical script to the pharmacy

The pharmacist logs into Acuity and confirms the patient ID, prescription details, and patient thumbprint

They activate an iMedMD device, load the prescription, and securely locks the iMedMD into place.

The patient receives their preprogrammed iMedMD and receives medication as intended by the physician

Who We Are

Adam Stachler

Founder, President

Cynthia Leaton

Chief Design Engineer

Andrew Carl


Why We Do This

The abuse and diversion of prescription medications is a growing national problem that leads to thousands of deaths annually, impedes clinical outcomes, and costs millions. Abuse and diversion derive from poor patient adherence and ineffective prescription management plans. Imed MD provides prescribers and pharmacies an effective and user friendly process to control and monitor the intended use of medication after it has been imparted to the patient while generating valuable consumption data.

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